Rob Wynne and Barry Schwabsky on Marguerite Young (2012)

In this segment of our newly restored radio series on the life and work of author Marguerite Young, we hear Charles Ruas interview poet and art critic Barry Schwabsky, artist Rob Wynne and researcher Aida Lorrain. This interview was recorded at the ARTtonAIR radio studio in August 2012.

Recalling the production of the WBAI radio series The Reading Experiment from 1975, they relive their experiences surrounding the readings of Marguerite Young’s epic novel Miss MacIntosh, My Darling. They lead us through the cultural history of New York City in the 1970’s by revisiting sites like The Gotham Book Mart where “only wise men fish”, and discuss the role of Young’s work in American literature.

During their conversation, the panelists make connections between the authors of today (such as David Foster Wallace) and those from the ’70s. They also discusses Miss MacIntosh, My Darling as a potential contender to the works of James Joyce, as well as the ambition (or lack thereof) of today’s writers to create the great American novel.

Rob Wynne is a contemporary American artist. His work generally consists of glass, drawings and embroidered paintings, amongst other mediums. Wynne’s most recent pieces revolve around glass texts. His work has been exhibited in various locales, including solo shows at the Holly Solomon Gallery in New York City and the JGM. Galerie in Paris, as well as group exhibitions at P.S.1 in Long Island City and the Galleria D’arte Moderna in Bologna.

Barry Schwabsky is a prolific American art critic and poet. He is widely looked to for his artistic opinions, as evidenced by his contributions to The Nation and other publications. As a poet, Schwabsky has received a great amount of acclaim with Opera: Poems 1981 – 2002. His most recent project is an audio collaboration with musician Marianne Nowottny, titled A Voice Hears You from Mysterious Places, released September 3rd, 2012.

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